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How do we work together?

We need to know your detailed requirement of products, and we normally demand drawing or sample, we will revert to you with a solution.

Can you provide complete products?

Yes. We provide complete products including machining, finishing treatment, packing and shipment on request. It is our goal to provide you with one-stop and hassle free service.

What benefits do we expect from buying from you?

Cost reduction without compromise on quality.

How is the quality assured?

Quality problems usually stem from production process, not from inspection process itself. To minimize production problems all parts are operator inspected at each step of the production process with a final inspection prior to shipping.

How long does it take to get a quote?

On average, it takes 2 days upon receipt of drawings and/or samples.

What data should be provided for quotation requirement?

In order for us to respond for a quick quote in a timely fashion, please be sure to send us the detailed information of your product, including the following factors:
◆Estimated part weight, or actual weight if parts already exist
◆Sample products, if any exist
◆Alloy grade
◆Drawings with detailed and actual sizes
◆Heat treat specification
◆Surface treatment requirements
◆Estimated annual quantities
◆State if design changes can, or cannot be made
◆Blueprints must be in English, either metric or inch are all right

Do I need a broker to take care of the shipment?

At your request.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

No. We don't set a threshold. Instead, once a customer is satisfied, we are sure he will come back to us for future orders. Having said that, certain industries have their own economical appeal on volume which may result in lower costs based on a higher unit levels.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements in view of protection of your customers?

Yes. To protect customers' intellectual property rights, we will sign non-disclosure agreements upon request.